Why I Love Second Hand

Second hand boots lying on grassAs you join me on my blogging journey it will quickly become very apparent to you how much I love buying vintage and second hand! A few years ago I didn’t tend to buy pre-loved items much at all, but whilst I was at university my penchant for 50s and 60s vintage and my student budget led me to vintage boutiques and charity shops alike, and this habit has now helped me to furnish my own home!

So, why do I love buying second hand and why should you embrace it too?


Save money

Of course, not everything second hand is cheap, but if you shop wisely then very often it is cheaper than buying new.


Minimise waste

It’s so easy to get caught up in a world where most things are mass produced and everything is considered disposable. By buying second hand you’re giving items a new lease of life, which is better for the environment, not just your wallet!


Escape fast fashion

I’m not one to completely avoid buying things new and many brands strive to be ethical and are absolutely worth supporting. However, there are also a lot of companies using very questionable practices. By buying second hand or vintage it’s great to know that my money is going to a charity or an independent business owner.


DIY opportunities

I love upcycling, so buying second hand furniture and clothes really appeals to my creative side. Often, when buying second hand you have to look past the item in front of you and see what it could become, a skill that quickly becomes second nature! Of course, sometimes you’ll find a gem that is perfect the way it is, but I love nothing more than finding a piece of clothing or furniture that I like and turning it into something I love.



This is more for the vintage side of second hand. I’m an absolute sucker for anything from the 1940s, 50s and 60s and I own many items from these eras, particularly clothing. Buying vintage isn’t always cheap, but the quality is often amazing and if you choose pieces you love they can be with you for a lifetime. To me, not only am I re-loving a piece of furniture or clothing that someone loved in the past, I own a piece of history. Isn’t that pretty cool?!

Do you love buying pre-loved items too? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit Of the Day: Snow!


Yesterday we were hit by ‘the Beast from the East’ and within the space of an hour we had inches of snow. So, despite spending last week thinking that spring was on its way, today I was back to wooly jumpers and jeans.

  • I recently scored this 100% wool Uniqlo jumper for £2.50 from a local thrift shop.
  • The embroidered collar was a DIY project. I trimmed the collar off a denim shirt, attached a cute button to fasten it at the front and embroidered a little bumblebee on one side.
  • The shoes are Truffle, bought from TK Maxx. Luckily I wasn’t outside much today, otherwise these shoes would swiftly have been swapped out for wellies!
  • The black jeans are some old favourites from H&M.