Outfit Of the Day: Snow!


Yesterday we were hit by ‘the Beast from the East’ and within the space of an hour we had inches of snow. So, despite spending last week thinking that spring was on its way, today I was back to wooly jumpers and jeans.

  • I recently scored this 100% wool Uniqlo jumper for £2.50 from a local thrift shop.
  • The embroidered collar was a DIY project. I trimmed the collar off a denim shirt, attached a cute button to fasten it at the front and embroidered a little bumblebee on one side.
  • The shoes are Truffle, bought from TK Maxx. Luckily I wasn’t outside much today, otherwise these shoes would swiftly have been swapped out for wellies!
  • The black jeans are some old favourites from H&M.


Industrial Decor on a Budget

Industrial decor takes inspiration from old industrial spaces and factories. It’s style rooted in simplicity and utilitarianism, yet, when done correctly, it looks absolutely stunning. Raw materials, such as cement, metal and wood, and a neutral colour palette are key to achieving this style, and at the moment it’s easy enough to find industrial pieces all over the place. However, despite being easy to find, these pieces can often be eye-wateringly pricey. In this post I’ll show you that this can also be a very budget friendly trend. So, whether you would like to decorate a whole room, or just incorporate a few industrial elements into your decor, read on if you would like some inspiration on where to begin without breaking the bank!


Keep things as they are: If you have exposed bricks or beams, leave them as they are! Elements like this are key to the industrial style and, if they’re already a feature of your home, will cost you absolutely nothing.

Simplicity: Industrial style is very utilitarian. Focus on what you want a room’s function to be and select a few key furniture items that fit this criteria. The occasional knick-knack can also help to add to the industrial feel of a room, but it’s best to be selective with these and be careful not to go overboard!

Neutral Colour palette: One of the cheapest and easiest ways to transform a room or a piece of furniture is with paint. The industrial colour palette is all about neutral tones, such as greys and browns, so there’s no need to worry about clashing colours. Use paints in this colour palette to spruce up your walls or give old furniture an industrial makeover.




Get salvaging: Never be afraid to go for pre-loved items! Charity shops and salvage yards can be a treasure trove of reasonably priced industrial pieces. Many items may need a bit of tlc, but the beauty of industrial decor is that it makes a feature of imperfections. Items like chairs, old leather suitcases, tarnished mirrors and metal bed frames are easy to find and can be picked up at very affordable prices!

Get creative: Re-purposed items are such a fun way to add an industrial twist to a room and provide great opportunities for a bit of a DIY project. Maybe you can turn a trunk into a coffee table, or make some scaffold boards into a set of industrial shelves (just make sure to give them a good scrub down with disinfectant first!).

Wall art: This is one of my favourite ways to inject some personality into a room. Vintage posters, adverts and educational charts can easily be picked up online and make a perfect finishing touch to any industrial style space, especially when stuck straight onto a wall or hung in a wooden poster hanger.


…anyway, these are just a few affordable ways that I’ve welcomed some industrial decor into my home, but there are so many other great ways to go with such a versatile style. Feel free to comment and let me know how you’ve added some industrial décor to your home!