A Visit to Burford Garden Company, Oxfordshire

A yellow vintage Citroen van sits nestled between some small trees and plants in front of the Garden Centre

For ages people have been telling me that I should visit Burford Garden Company. After a couple of friends told me that it would be right up my street, I put it on my ‘to do’ list. After the fifth person told me that I would love it, I realised that they really must be on to something and finally set aside some time to pay a visit.

Well, I can tell you now, I certainly wasn’t disappointed! The whole store is a feast for the eyes. I couldn’t stop snapping photos at every corner and I just had to share it with you!

A room filled floor to ceiling with green leafy tropical plants, sucullents and cacti

Burford Garden Company is a haven for all who are green fingered, but if (like me) you’re not overly handy with the secateurs, I can still absolutely recommend a visit. There is something for everyone here, regardless of whether or not you’re a keen gardener.

Despite the name, the Garden Company also stocks an impressive range of house plants, home decor, food and drink, and another of my true loves, stationery.

As a lover of interior design it can often feel as though all of the best home decor haunts are in London, so as an Oxfordshire resident I was so excited to find out that there was somewhere local to me with so much inspiration and so many beautiful buys packed into one space!

A shop display featuring set up to look like a mini home office with a retro wooden desk and chair and a brass lamp

A shop display with terrariums created in large vintage glass jars

A bright and airy glass house filled with rustic tables holding wooden trays of bulbs

It’s worth a trip to Burford Garden Company for the displays alone. You will stumble upon gorgeous glasshouses, vintage vehicles, and even a yellow submarine, nestled in amongst the beautifully curated collection of plants, both indoor and out.

If you’re a fan of all things rustic or the jungalow aesthetic, you will be in heaven!

An old rustic wooden cart stacked high with large green leafy plants

As a fan of unusual houseplants I was also over the moon to discover that the range here extends to, amongst many others, the ever elusive (at least in Oxfordshire!) air plants, String of Pearl succulents and Rosary Vines. These are three plants I’ve been in search of for over a year now, but hadn’t yet had the joy of coming across. Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy shop!

A rusty metal dish filled with numerous air plants Two terracotta pots filled with unusual green and orange seed pods

I was wandering around the store for a couple of hours and I know that I didn’t even scratch the surface. I definitely left with my basket a little heavier, my bank account a little lighter, but my smile a lot wider. I know I’ll be back to realise more of my jungalow dreams!

Have you ever paid a visit to Burford Garden Company? Do let me know if there is anything I missed that I should keep an eye out for next time, or if you have any suggestions for other wonderful spots in Oxfordshire where I can satisfy my appetite for plants and decor!

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